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Dj Infam0us

(Shades of the Rose...)

17 September 1976
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Welcome to the online projects page of Dj Infam0us

Check out Dj Infam0us on Radio Golgotha... Music for the suffering...

My life has become completely consumed by time with my two sons, my job, and ... of course... music. This page is where I journal every event as I'm working them. You'll find everything from events that I'm working on to events that I plan on attending to events that I've completed or attended.

If you're interested in Midwestern darkwave or otherwise underground events check out the blog on this page. There's little I love more than a good party, and those you'll find listed and reviewed here in abundance.

For booking inquiries please contact me at dj_infam0us {at} hotmail.com.

Up & coming Events

Sept 13th: Requiem

Sept 20th:

Message me for directions...

October 11th: Dark Tribe @ Ground Xero

Nov 8th and 9th: Arkansas Anime Festival


**Many thanks to AllyKatt for all of her hard work on my fliers**