What's on my mind Today

What's on my mind Today
Dj Infam0us

I'm just going to forewarn you that this post is going to be long and personal. I've got a lot on my mind. I intend to post it even if no one reads it.

I've had some time to reflect on things in my life lately, and I've realized something about the last couple of years. I started out djing and doing events to further my music community and create a place for my friends to hang out. I wanted to build a place that our local goth community could go, listen to tunes, and enjoy some time with friends and what not.

Reality then set in when the I started learning about the financial end of running events. I found out that nearly every organizer I knew was losing money on their events. Some burned out and gave up. A very few really succeeded enough to make it work financially.

Some may not understand that "making it work financially" thing. You see, when I start talking about funding events people say "oh well, you can't do it for the money" with some sort of delusion that the music movement is a charitable cause. If you really believe that it is try talking to your favorite bands about flying themselves out and playing a free show. Try talking to the venue about cutting you a break on rental costs. Try talking to people who own and run sound for club nights about doing something for free, or at a discounted rate.

You quickly find out that it takes money to run ANYTHING entertainment wise unless you're throwing a house party, and even then you have to pay for materials and sound if you want to use something other than a home stereo system.

It really pissed a lot of people off when I ended the old Dartroom's tradition of letting regulars in for free. Some of the old crowd complained a LOT about having to pay to get in. None of them really considered that the 5 or 10 dollars they're paying at the door is a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands myself and a few others are shelling out to keep the events going. It's an insult to us to want to attend without paying to get in or working on the event in some aspect. I personallly don't appreciate it after the years of hard work I've put in and the massive amounts of my own cash I've thrown away to keep things going.

Then there was the onset of local drama. Djs get angry when they aren't booked regularly. Exs get angry (as do their friends) when they're suddenly booted from an event whether there's a just cause for it or not, and the next thing you know you're labled a bastard and a tyrant for banning one person who threatened to kill you and another who mysteriously started appearing at multiple events you attend or work in multiple states even after being warned to quit following you around. Nevermind the court battle that ensued later.

It's almost impossible to balance the expectations of every person in a crowd. Someone always gets mad about something. The best a person can do as an event oranizer is to simply clean up the mess the best you can, and keep on trying to throw good shows.

Last year was much like a war in my mind. I was fighting to keep the events on track. I was fighting with a small group of my exs friends to keep their rumor milling and their attempts to destroy my reputation at bay. I was fighting to keep myself legally cleared of allegations people had leveled against me, and I was fighting off a stalker.

The important thing wasn't really the fight. The important thing is that I lost track of my friends. When you feel surrounded by people who want to destroy or hurt you it's easy to forget who your friends are. After a while it feels like everyone is out to get you. You tend to come off as paranoid or angry all the time because every time you turn around some "old friend" is turning on you, dragging you into court, accusing you of something because they no longer like you, or helping the people who want to hurt you, your family, and/or your business do just that.

I learned a lot of things over the last two years. The first hard and fast lesson I learned is that trial by fire is the only real way to know who your friends are. Anyone can call themselves a friend. When the fire comes and people run those left are the people you know you can count on when the bad guys come looking for you.

I learned that you can't run events like a social club. Eventually you bleed out of money and you find yourself alone burried in debts.

I also learned the value of taking some time out from work, events, and the hubbub the social fast lane to remind your friends that you give a damn about them by spending some time with them. You just can't invest TOO MUCH in people who Love you. It's just not possible, and when you're in the worst possible situations those are the people who pull you from the lake.

I haven't the ability to list every single person who has helped me out of serious trouble this last year. You know who you are, and you know I love you. All of you. So today I'm making a bit of a committment to spend more time appreciating my friends and less time concerned with dealing with people who not.

Lesson learned.

Dj Infam0us
Partaking in WAAAAAAAAAAY too much cafination.

Urban Fashion and For David in review

Urban Fashion and For David in review
Dj Infam0us

After two weeks of running and running it's hard to motivate myself to set down and write a blog about the last two events. There are so many things to tell though. So many people worked so hard to put these events together. So many people contributed to many ideas, thoughts, materials, and hours to making sure that both of these events went off perfectly that it just has to be posted.

You should know that the fashion show was almost entirely Kynt and Vyxsin's idea, and what a great idea it was for us. I don't think we've ever had a more visually beautiful event with so many people in attendance. We will be doing this again next year.

I have to admit that Kynt practically held my hand while we were dealing with media contacts, recruiting models, and working out how to promote the show. I've learned so much during this experience that I never would have if I hadn't worked with these two on this event. I don't think I've ever had two guests work so hard to make a show ROCK before. I can't thank you two enough for everything.

There were a lot of people involved in helping build the fashion show. From the designers and clothing outlets who contributed outfits to the show to the models who came out to show off the outfits (and some who designed their own outfits) to the sponsors like the local Fayetteville Outback Steakhouse that took a chance on a first time event like ours to the many hair dressers and make up artists who gave their time and skills to make our models stand out. So many different people and businesses came together to make this event fall into place.

The same could be said of my Brother's fund raiser - which by the way raised several THOUSAND dollars for my brother's surgery! There were over a dozen businesses, artists, and contributors who donated items for the charity auction. Tons of people donated whether by showing up for the gathering or online since they couldn't physically make it to the event.

I need take a minute to thank everyone who volunteered their time to help with security, set up, sound, and pretty much everything else we needed. The events we put together wouldn't go on without our volunteers. I can't say enough about how valuable our volunteers are. Without you there'd be no Neo Victorian and certainly no fund raiser for my brother.

Thank you to Ally Scarbrough who designed my flier for me and handled booking K and V's flights and hotel rooms. :) Love ya MammaKatt.

Teatro Scarpino has been home to the majority of my events for over a year now. I think I chose well when I decided to do business with Scarpino's. The owners have been generous with their venue and appreciative of the sort of unique events we throw. The staff have been awesome to work with.

Finally, there'd have been no fashion show and no variety show without Kim Pease and Fia inc. Kim and some of her assistants put in days and days piecing together models, designers, hair and make up artists, and some of our media contacts for us. Thank you so very much

I'll be announcing our next dance night within the next week. Please keep your eyes on my blog and on the Neo Victorian group and profile. Much fun shall be had.

-Dj Infam0us
(Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war)

Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do
Dj Infam0us

When I go see my kids I sometimes I stop and wonder why I can't just spend all of my time with my sons, my girl, and/or working on my home. I think back over the last few years. I remember the events that nearly fell apart, the money that we lost doing shows, and the personal stress that came out of the financial strains and personal attacks that come along with putting together events.

On a quick side note: if you ever consider booking and/or building events expect that if you experience any amount of success someone somewhere will find a reason to trash you, stalk you, harass you, and/or attempt to destroy your events and your business and your business contacts. Don't say I didn't warn you. Seriously, make sure you know a good lawyer.

Anyway, there are so many horror stories I've lived the last three years that sometimes I lose site of why I've continued putting my heart, soul, and funds into building better events.

Then I stop and think back to when I was just old enough to get into a club. Clubs were about the only place a kid could go dance. My experiences there were often fun, but I also remember that drugs were common place. Violence was also not terribly uncommon. In short, if you wanted to enjoy music, dance, and art you had to go some place where it wasn't safe. The shows were often put together by people who were more interested in their egos and their illegal income than they were the artists and the attendees.

I never want my kids to have to deal with that. Ever. The artistic movement should NOT be tied to the drug culture. I appreciate that people (including myself) like to go out and have a few drinks and listen to a good band, but there should be places where KIDS can go out and listen to artists and djs as well.

So when I start to question myself I look out over my friends lists, I remember the kids who show up to hear myself and other convention djs play, and I think of my sons. I remember that we're raising the next generation of musicians, djs, and asipiring artists on our own creativity. I remember that those of us who perform now (no matter in what capacity) inspire and to some small degree help shape those performers and event organizers who come after us.

If ever there was a mark in the world worth leaving... this is it, and that is why I keep on. That is why I never say die. That is where my career and my events are going.

There is no better gift I could give the world I think.

Anyway, I just felt I should after all these years drop some insight into why I've been changing how I do things, and where I'm going with my ideas.


-Dj Infam0us

Ravenwood Festival - Canceled

I know this is going to come as a shock to many on my list, but I've sat down and talked to the core staffers. We think it's time to move in a new direction, and that direction unfortunately means the end of Ravenwood festival.

I have so many people to thank for all the help we've received over the last two years doing this event. I couldn't begin to name them all, and list all of the things that dozens and dozens of people have contributed.

It would take me hours to explain how much ending this annual event is breaking my heart, but there are times when you just have to move on to other things. This isn't the end of Infam0us Productions in Arkansas. There's still Neo Victorian which we are currently pouring our heart and soul into, and we will likely have some announcements over the next few months for new projects.

None of those will be Ravenwood or related to Ravenwood, and so Infam0us Productions bids farewell to the Ravenowood Festival.

Thank you to everyone who made Ravenwood one of the most talked about events in America.

For those who have questions about the cancellation of Ravenwood Festival please post here. I will answer your questions as best I can.


-DJ Infam0us

Neo Victorian Presents: Urban Fashion in America

Neo Victorian Presents: Urban Fashion in America
DJ Infam0us

March 19th Neo Victorian and Teatro Scarpino will bring Northwest Arkansas THE underground fashion event of the year featuring local and regional models sporting the most cutting edge fashion designs from Urban underground culture in America. Kynt and Vyxsin from CBS’s Amazing Race will host this event, and will be sound tracked by the best DJs available. Come prepared to have your eyes and ears pleased.


If you are interested in modeling at the March Fashion show please contact our Model Liaison: Erin Enmark at with any questions or inquiries. Please include your first and last name, your phone number, and your email address.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be 18 years of age to model at this event. You WILL be required to show ID.


Discounted presale tickets are 12 dollars per person. We have a limited number of these discounted tickets, so get them while they last. Once we hit our benchmark, tickets will be FULL PRICE (17 dollars) for the event.

There are also a LIMITED NUMBER of VIP passes for this event. VIP passes include access to the VIP gathering at Teatro Scarpino before the show which will allow you to avoid the lines, talk to the hosts and models, and check out the vendor tables before the crowds show up. It also includes professional portraits, and a Neo Victorian care package.


You can also pick up tickets at Teatro Scarpino between 7 and 10pm Tuesday through Thursday. See Scarpino's website for their contact information and address:


Send your RSVP to for your complimentary entry to the event.

*note: Brass Keys who want VIP passes must purchase them at the standard cost.


Send an email to for a vendor application. Vendor tables are 100 dollars per table, and tables are VERY limited.

Please get your tickets early. This event is LIKELY to sell out. You don't want to miss out on this event.


Are you interested in having your business advertised at this event? Do you have something you want to contribute? We are accepting limited sponsorship. Please contact if you're interested in being a sponsor of The Urban Fashion in America event.


-Dj Infam0us

Dante's Inferno for Xbox

Dante's Inferno for Xbox
Dj Infam0us

I know I haven't posted anything in a long while about games and what not. I've really found it hard to find anything worth writing about in the game world in a while. That's probably because I play a very limited type of game, and I'm very very very picky about interaction. I'm picky because... well... I'm very limited on the amount of time I have to play. I spend more of my non day job time either djing or with my kids than anything else.

Well, I played the Demo for Dante's Inferno. A few things to note: it's third person. I usually HATE third person, and I find it ridiculous that games don't offer both perspectives. The tech is there. What's stopping the game designers? Well, this game is laid out a lot like The Force Unleashed. If you've played that game then you know that a lot of the camera angels are designed to maximize presentation. They don't really block your ability to get your combat groove on unlike in Ninja Gaiden 2 which btw SUCKED horribly as far as player interface.

Secondly, the combat plays out a lot like fight scenes from Tekken or Soul Calibur. You get combos with the grim reapers scythe, and an abundance of spells.

One of the biggest things I have to give the game designers kudos on is the balance of powers in this game. Many games incorporate the concept that you can attain "bad guy powers" which are almost always epic awesome cans of whoop ass, and "good guy powers" which usually are the equivalent of grabbing pompoms and taking the battle field with a skirt and a big KICK ME sign on. That is entirely untrue of this game. I did a quick over view of the powers that are available to both sides and they are comparable.WOW! That never happens. I mean, Nightwatch? Good game for the most part. The good guy powers ... sucked. Fable? Same from what I saw. Dante's? I prefer the good guy powers personally. :) and THEN you get spells. Holy hell. Literally. LoL.

A bit of a warming. There's some nudity in the game demo, and you get to hijack a demon beast, ride it around, and squish bad guys.

From an over 21 perspective? Thumbs hella up. Pass the rum and hand me the controller. I loooooooove this game. It's like The Force Unleashed meets Doom meets Tekken. Bring. It. On.

More later when I buy the damn thing. Also... I'll be reviewing Bio Shock 2 when I get it. From all the stuff I've read it should be as good as the first and the player interface is nearly identical. Yay for not changing a winning formula.

-Dj Infam0us
(Dj, Gamer, Opinionated loud mouth)

So what's up in 2010?

So what's up in 2010?
Dj Infam0us

As many of you are aware this has been a rough and yet successful year for myself and Infam0us productions.

It is customary that I post an end of year blog usually on or around December 31st. I likely will with the gory details of how I see things from this last year.

Right now I want to give you guys the heads up on what's coming next year thus far. Keep in mind that several tentative events are NOT on this list as I don't have dates or confirmations for them, and there are a couple of those at least. I'll post a separate update when I have those.

Also future dates for Neo Victorian are not posted here either beyond the January date which has been set in stone. Don't fret. We'll be doing more Neo Victorians this coming year though it's likely they'll be quarterly rather than monthly as we want to take the time to put a LOT more work into each event. Quality > Quantity.

On with it!

Jan 16th - Neo Victorian kicks off 2010 with a fey themed dance night completed with a day time work shop on how to build a ray gun Steampunk style. It's the new year so we're trying something different as we've booked a couple of djs that you've never seen at Neo Victorian playing tunes (though they've both helped back stage with the events pretty consistently) Djs Kringe and Sephiroth will be on hand to show you their skills, and of course I'll probably play a track or two as well.

Feb 5th & 6th - Drakecon ( is bringing some of the biggest names in anime to northwest Arkansas. From Travis Willingham best known for voicing Roy Mustang in the Fullmetal Alchemist to Clarine Harp a voice actor and producer for Funimation entertainment along with a multitude of djs (I'm in there somewhere I think) and Renaissance man Voltaire who will be headlining the Steampunk Masquerade on Saturday night.

Feb 19th - The 13th Doctor will be held at Panoptikon in Dallas Texas. The event is a Dr Who themed dance night presented by a group of Steampunk and sci fi fans in Dallas Texas featuring Lord Byron, Son of Sam, and of course Infam0us.

March 20th - Welcome to Wonderland ( will bring an Alice in Wonderland themed one day event to the central Arkansas area with vendors, games, and of course... a dance night featuring yours truly providing the beats.

March 27th - The Punkin Fundraiser is a benefit for my brother that I'm putting together to help raise money to get him an MRI and hopefully surgery that'll enable to him to walk again. My brother was injured in a weight lifting accident in Jr High that landed him with degenerative disk disorder that has crippled him. He's raising two kids from a wheel chair while his wife works full time at the local school as a teacher. If you want to be involved in this effort please email punkinfund {at} for more information.

Steampunk in Tulsa I'm not saying where or exactly when yet.

First weekend in may - May fine arts in Eureka Springs Arkansas: Expect to see some Steampunk goings on in the parade that takes place the first weekend of may in Eureka Springs for their May fine arts MONTH LONG festival.

June 4th through the 6th - Project A-kon ( has requested I return to do another Steampunk dance night at their convention. I have humbly accepted, and will be returning to Dallas to party with some of my favorite people. I want to thank A-Kon's staff for inviting me back. There are some grumblings about the possibility of a major announcement of some sort for the event. If you're into Steampunk and you're near Dallas keep your eye on my posts. I'll have an update on this probably within a week or so.

Likely you'll catch me at one of the local goth nights djing while I'm in town for A-Kon as well. I haven't confirmed it so I'm not posting which club or saying for sure that it'll happen, but expect there'll be a gathering outside of the convention at some point.

June 18th through the 20th Tokyo in Tulsa ( returns for its third year as one of the largest fandom conventions in Tulsa. Oh. It also has a couple of dance nights that apparently rock the crowd hard. The masked ball is already being worked on. Plans for the concert are well under way, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve for the rave.

*side note about the TnT rave: from most accounts the first year's Saturday night rave was one of the best convention raves in this region. The second year rave was well attended and extremely well received as well. This year we're stepping up our game. Prepare yourselves.

Ravenwood Festival ( doesn't have any of the details nailed down and confirmed yet, so I can't really tell you when or where. Likely we'll be holding RWF in late September or early October. Likely I'll have a lot more of those in mid january, and I think you'll be extremely surprised and happy to find out what we're gearing up for.

October 23rd - Lady Dragonwing's Annual Halloween Hufley: I'm leaving a spot for the Halloween Hufley in Hot Springs lest I be found dead. Nuff said.

November 19th through 21st - Steamcon ( hasn't confirmed that I'm booked to dj yet, but you can bet that I'll be there regardless being that this has become my yearly hiatus from busting hump at Anime and fandom conventions. Count on me showing up for one of the best Steampunk events on the west coast for some chillax time with all my west coast friends.

I am barring any booking in the month of December to spend time with family and friends. I think that's pretty common sense.
So there you have it. This will likely be my last major update until New Year's eve when I'll likely post my usual end of year thoughts and what not. I'd like to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope that whether you celebrate the holiday or not you find yourself with family and loved ones enjoying some down time in what ever capacity you enjoy most.

-Dj Infam0us
(So this is Christmas, And what have you done? Another year over, And a new one just begun. And so this is Christmas. I hope you have fun. The near and the dear one The old and the young. -John Lennon)


Ten things to do this Holiday season

Ten things to do this Holiday season
Dj Infam0us

I've been thinking a lot about how much I love Christmas and Thanksgiving. I've been thinking a lot about why I love this time of year in general. There is a particularly strong pull toward giving this time of year, and a lot of people doing good things.

While I understand the cause for doing good all year long I'm a big fan of setting aside one part of the year specifically to focus on that sort of thing. Most of us live in cycles, and at the end of the year our cycle is winding down. We're focused on family, friends, and loved ones whom we haven't spent time with.

I've noticed that many of us also focus on giving back to the world what the world has given us. We often focus on giving to those most in need, and healing wounded relationships.

With that in mind I'm posting a list of ten things to do this Christmas season. These are things I myself am doing.

1) Call a family member you haven't spoken to all year long.
2) Get in touch with an old friend whom you haven't spent time with in a year or so.
3) Find a family in need and drop some Christmassy type foods off to them.
4) Send someone you've had a falling out with a Christmas card and some well wishes.
5) Apologize to someone.
6) Forgive someone.
7) Donate to your local food pantry even if it's 20 bucks worth of food - trust me it makes a HUGE difference.
8) Invite someone to your home who has no family and feed them like they were your own.
9) Spend some time with your significant other, kids, or even your PET with the phone shut off, the computer shut down, and your attention entirely on just them.
10) Post one good memory of Christmas. It must be something positive and something entirely about Love, support, and peace. Take a moment to either post it or tell someone about it.

About the only thing on that list I haven't done is posted a good memory about Christmas.

One year just before When I was very young my dad put my Brother and I into our room to play and told us not to come out until he came and got us.

When he came back the hallway was filled with candles all the way to the living room of our small apartment. In the middle of the living room was a plate with a Bible and two candy canes.

My Dad read us the story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible, and explained the reason why our family celebrates Christmas. It's a memory I will never grow tired of. I've had many Christmas's since then with tons of presents and lots of food, and many many really good times. Nothing compares to that Christmas though. We had very little, but my Dad without realizing it gave my Brother and I so very much just through his attention.

"And in all things let us never grow tired of doing good" 2 Thessalonians 3:13 (Paraphrased)

-Dj Infam0us