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Long time no post, eh?

 I know I haven't posted a blog in forever. I'm not sure what to say, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot going on. Between my personal life, the launch of GlitchCon, and traveling to events there has been a LOT going on in my life.

Lately though, it just seems hard to put anything into words in a way that would matter. I post pretty frequently about where I'm going on my status so there's no real reason to blog about it as well. My personal life I've been a lot more private with, and GlithcCon has it's own page. There's just not much to say sometimes I guess.

Mostly this year I've been rethinking the way I dj. Originally I spent a lot of time on track selection and very little time on developing my technical skills because in the scene i was primarily playing in the music in its original form was what people wanted to hear.

I've moved on from playing small goth nights though, and it seems that lately I play a lot more electronica events. I spin more trance, electro, and industrial than much of anything else. It's a pretty powerful combination, but my mind and my aspirations are moving in a different direction than "let's hit play and match up the beats." They're moving in the direction of writing my own tracks and reworking tracks I already love.

I'm not there yet. I'm a beginner on FL studio, and I haven't even managed to get Ableton Live yet. It will take me a good long time to really learn how to remix and master track selections, but I firmly believe that if I'm ever to grow my music career beyond where it is now... that's how I'm going to do it.

So to that end this next year I won't play as many events. I had been in midstream of tapping a few more conventions to add to my roster. I'm cutting all of that loose. I'm focusing the conventions that are both beneficial and enjoyable to myself and my artistic efforts. A-Kon, Tokyo in Tulsa, Louisianime, and GlitchCon are going to be my primary focuses as far as conventions go. That doesn't mean I won't be anywhere else. It just means if I'm not anywhere else it's simply not a huge deal, and I *will* limit my events to only a couple of other conventions outside of those.

Neo Victorian will still go on as usual. That's not going to change unless the venue kicks us out which isn't likely. They like our colorful and polite crowd even if we are small.

I guess what I'm getting at is that my djing style is about to change a lot. I'm also quite serious about putting together an album. I'm very curious about where this is going to go. I never thought I'd be djing all over the place. If pressing play on the right tracks and dressing up for a show carried me this far... what's next when I start really building music?

I'm sure we'll find out.

I'm debating on starting my project with remixes or possibly with simple beat spoken word poetry. As some of you already know I'm a writer in my spare time. I write poetry, lots of it. I've always wanted my work set to music. That may very soon become a reality.

Wish me luck. I'll post bits of whatever I'm working on when I have it. My work starts this month. I'm new at this so be patient.

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