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A-Kon 21 in review

 I'm setting on my bed feeling a lot like a puddle after being in Dallas all weekend. In a couple of hours I'll be back at my day job fixing networks and helping people get stuff done. Right now I kind of want to set here and soak in the memories from this weekend. So much happened so fast. Some of it was expected and some of it was simply spur of the moment awesomeness. There were a few hiccups in the course of the weekend, but over all the weekend was simply amazing.

Thursday I loaded up the van by 11 am and headed to pick up Kringe and Dawn. We were on the road by 11:30am heading toward Dallas. Our feet the hit the pavement running hard as we were late due to traffic congestion caused by tons and tons of construction through Dallas and Tulsa.

The moment we arrived at the hotel we unloaded the gear which was no small feat considering the elevators broke down. We hauled the sound to registration first, and then Kringe hauled everything else while I was getting dressed for my first performance. That boy is a hoss.

As soon as I was done getting ready I dashed down to registration where the previous dj had extended his set to cover for me. Thank God for small favors. I djed for about an hour and then packed up my decks and headed down to the Lizard Lounge to play a spot there as well.

Virus and I kicked some tracks around and then about ... 1:30am he informs me that he and I should and WILL do a tag team dj battle set. Oh. Crap. LoL. I'd had a few and I was feeling a bit brave so of course I said "you're ON." I went and rounded up some of the people I knew around the club to come up and hear Virus and I do our tag team set. That particular off the cuff set was incredibly fun. Doing a tag team set with Virus is a lot like having a personal trainer. His track selection forces you to reach for something a little harder, a little better, and entirely different from what you normally play.

To be short and to the point it was extremely memorable.

Friday I had a dj panel with Void and Johnny Violence. In a very short period of time I gained an immense amount of respect for these two guys and their passion for music. The conversation had in the course of the panel was a real eye opener for me as I don't really know either of these djs very well, and I am relatively new to Djing and conventions compared to them. Their insight on music and events was profound.

After the panel I mostly wandered around until it was time to set up for the Steampunk ball. We started set up around 3:30pm. The tea social was packed. I really think we need a bigger room next year. You could barely walk through the room for all the people who were there in full Steampunk gear to hang out.

Once we kicked of the dance it filled up even more. Did I mention we need a bigger room? :) Thank you to Dj Soren, Lokye, and Hard Sector Error who came out to perform for our crowd. We finally finished up breaking down the event around 3am. Talk about your 12 hour day. LoL.

Saturday I scraped myself off the floor and immediately started getting ready for the formal ball. I worked and reworked the set for that event until I thought my eyes were going to bleed. Finally it was time to go down and start getting ready. Where as I have no issues getting my suits on those hair falls are seriously difficult at times to put in. Thank you to Kristie Davis who not only helped me get my falls in straight but spent ALL DAY working on them, and thanks to AllyKatt who helped me keep myself and my stuff together while I was so focused on getting my music ready that I could barely remember my name much less remember to pick up after myself.

Everything came together rather well for the formal. I remember looking out over the crowd hoping I had done well with the formal ball, and seeing an ocean of formal dresses, tuxedos, and various suits. I remember seeing most everyone dancing and realizing that we had actually pulled off a classy and wonderful event.

Note to self: Apparently at a formals about the only formal dance anyone knows is a waltz. While there are dozens of dances for formals... the waltz is the only one everyone knows. More waltz if I ever play another formal. Yeesh. Broaden your dance horizons. Seriously people. Swing dance and formal ball room has far more to offer than the waltz. Seriously.

Sunday I spent pretty much the entire day recovering and hanging out with old friends. A-Kon for me is far more than just an event I show up to in order to Dj. It's a time to catch up with old friends and of course, make new ones. I did a lot of that.

Monday we headed home. The van had a mechanical failure, and we ended up in Van Alstyne Texas at a shop called "Adams Automotive." The long and short of it: these guys rocked. The van is working much better now and they got everything fixed in a VERY short period of time.

So I'm home now. I'm rather exhausted. I've learned a lot this weekend. I've learned that steampunks do dance to electronic tunes as well as waltzes and gypsy punk. I've learned that dub step is in fact a big deal. I've learned that formal dances are rather popular, and finally I learned that no matter how much you try someone (usually a group of someones) will always complain online. Enjoy the people who support you, and appreciate their kind words. Not everyone is so considerate.

All in all I had an amazing time at A-Kon. I really hope to be back again next year.

And now I must get back to getting ready for my day job. Oh that convention djing were my day job. ;)

Dj Infam0us

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