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Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do
Dj Infam0us

When I go see my kids I sometimes I stop and wonder why I can't just spend all of my time with my sons, my girl, and/or working on my home. I think back over the last few years. I remember the events that nearly fell apart, the money that we lost doing shows, and the personal stress that came out of the financial strains and personal attacks that come along with putting together events.

On a quick side note: if you ever consider booking and/or building events expect that if you experience any amount of success someone somewhere will find a reason to trash you, stalk you, harass you, and/or attempt to destroy your events and your business and your business contacts. Don't say I didn't warn you. Seriously, make sure you know a good lawyer.

Anyway, there are so many horror stories I've lived the last three years that sometimes I lose site of why I've continued putting my heart, soul, and funds into building better events.

Then I stop and think back to when I was just old enough to get into a club. Clubs were about the only place a kid could go dance. My experiences there were often fun, but I also remember that drugs were common place. Violence was also not terribly uncommon. In short, if you wanted to enjoy music, dance, and art you had to go some place where it wasn't safe. The shows were often put together by people who were more interested in their egos and their illegal income than they were the artists and the attendees.

I never want my kids to have to deal with that. Ever. The artistic movement should NOT be tied to the drug culture. I appreciate that people (including myself) like to go out and have a few drinks and listen to a good band, but there should be places where KIDS can go out and listen to artists and djs as well.

So when I start to question myself I look out over my friends lists, I remember the kids who show up to hear myself and other convention djs play, and I think of my sons. I remember that we're raising the next generation of musicians, djs, and asipiring artists on our own creativity. I remember that those of us who perform now (no matter in what capacity) inspire and to some small degree help shape those performers and event organizers who come after us.

If ever there was a mark in the world worth leaving... this is it, and that is why I keep on. That is why I never say die. That is where my career and my events are going.

There is no better gift I could give the world I think.

Anyway, I just felt I should after all these years drop some insight into why I've been changing how I do things, and where I'm going with my ideas.


-Dj Infam0us

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