December 8th, 2010


Updates on the projects I've got going on

First and foremost: GlitchCon

The convention seems to be coming along pretty well. I've nearly got my core staff lined out, and we're about a hairs breadth away from being able to write up applications for artists and vendors. We're just hammering out a few small details with the hotel before we get moving on opening up tables for sale.

We still haven't nailed down our Guest of Honor. We've narrowed the list down a bit, so it shouldn't be terribly long. Frankly, the vast majority of the responses we've received online have been about our programming as we're developing it. I am under the distinct impression that this sort of an event (Sci Fi con) is something the area is VERY hungry for, and I'm really glad I get to be the one to kick it off.

We're very close to getting our game room confirmed as far as what we'll have there. I think it's safe to say that we WILL have a stand up DDR machine. I believe if there's interest we WILL have a DDR dance off.

I really want to take a minute to thank everyone who has pushed hard to help us promote this event. This is a community oriented fandom event. We're an empty hotel with some cool guests and no party without the fans and the attendees. I believe we can safely say that GlitchCon officially has an online Hoard of raging fans.

We will likely have some big updates for the convention early next year (read: before march) which is why I'm not posting this on the convention page itself. We don't have much in the way of large-ish announcements to make ... yet.

New Tracks for the Anime Dances of 2011

I'm already working on dance material for next year. I'm having a difficult time tearing myself away from FL studio to focus on gathering tracks, but it is getting done. I'm rather excited about the new stuff I'm pulling together for next year. If you want to recommend some new artists or tracks to be added to my set lists for next year I'm always open to suggestions. Respond with those suggestions on this post.

New Original tracks released in 2011

So against the advice of a few other djs I've decided not to go the usual "don't release it till it's spit n polished" route and go the more steampunk "document your work in progress" route with the stuff I'm working on developing.

That is to say that you're going to get to see every train wreck, every lame-tastic track, and every frustrating step of me learning to make my own music. I'm going to start posting every bits of loops and tracks I'm working on as I develop them. Most of them (especially at first) are very short loops that are made using slightly modified default settings from FL studio 9. To be blunt, they're VERY beginnerish because I'm very much a beginner.

I want to be able to look back at my blog over the next three years and see my own progress, and frankly I've been told by a few of my steampunk buddies that they're interested to see how the work progresses. So anyway, yeah. I'm going that route.

I should be posting my first few bits in the next week or so.

Also: If you care to throw down some input on where I can find legal free sound samples, quality loops, and or tutorials to help my progress I'm all about accepting help. If you want to bash on the studio I'm using stow it. I'm not interested in hearing it unless you're interested in forking out the cash it'd cost to use something else. We make due with what we have, and thus far FL studio has been great as a learning tool.

Positive attitudes beget positive results. Negativity can walk.

Sound system development

For now I've stopped working on my sound set up. All of the resources that would be used to continue building the awesome that is my sound rig ... are being diverted to the construction of GlitchCon.

If you want to hear the rig in its current state I suggest you show up to TnT's Christmas party. It should be a rather good time. Oh yeah, and the Good Dr. Fitch will be DJing at the Christmas party as well. Should be a good show. :)

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. A very Merry Christmas to you all.

(Learning the Jedi ways of sound production, promotions, and the art of pressing play with style)